MDWARN: Reusable Cloth Masks Request Form

Dear friends,
MRWA is very pleased to advise that, based upon ongoing conversations geared towards assisting our water and wastewater systems with PPE, FEMA has decided to offer reusable cloth masks specifically to water and wastewater utilities. FEMA is aware the water sector would prefer N95 or other types of masks for operations, but currently, those remain prioritized for healthcare.
The cloth masks are 100% cotton (the areas touching the skin), are washable, and can be reused up to 15 times. There is no cost for the cloth masks and any drinking water or wastewater utility is eligible to receive them, regardless of type, size, or affiliation.
There has been collaboration on the most efficient and equitable process for requesting and distributing the PPE to ensure all water and wastewater utilities (regardless of type, size or affiliation) have an opportunity to obtain the PPE. Orders will be processed through MDWARN.
To order masks, please complete: MDWARN Reusable Cloth Maks Request Form
Please let MRWA know if you have any questions.
Thank you and please stay safe,
Maryland Rural Water Association