Q: I’m logged in, but I don’t see where to renew my membership.
A: If you don’t see the blue “Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing” box at the bottom, then you are most likely a Secondary contact for the account. Only Primary contacts can renew, or update account information. To have yourself made the Primary contact, please call us at 410-489-5877 or send us an email.

Q: Why can only one person access/update our membership account?
A: For security reasons, the membership platform designates only one person and their email as the Primary contact for their account. This prevents multiple payments, and account and Directory information from being overwritten by multiple users. The Primary contact can create or edit Secondary contacts who will show up in the Online Members Directory. Secondary contacts can log in, but can only view/edit their own information.

Q: The email/password I used to use to login to your website isn’t working.
A: While our new membership platform is on our website, for security reasons it’s a separate system with its own login. Please call us at 410-489-5877 or send us an email so we can add you as a contact to your membership account.

Q: I need to pay with a check; can you send me an invoice?
A: When you login and click on the Renew button, one of the options is “offline payment.” Select that, and you’ll be able to have the system email you an invoice automatically, which you can then print out and mail in with your check.

Q: Our system has grown; how do we change our membership from one Voting tier to another?
A: When you log in, select the blue “Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing” box at the bottom. From there you’ll have the option to renew and upgrade to a higher tier. If you upgrade mid-year, you’ll only be charged the difference between tiers.

Q: Now that you have the Online Member Directory, are you going to discontinue the yearly paper Directory?
A: We have no plans to discontinue the paper Directory. It offers a wealth of additional reference information, plus we understand that it’s often useful to have a physical document that can be referenced quickly without having to go online.

Q: Why is my system/company not listed in the Online Member Directory?
A: There could be several reasons: Individual-level members are not listed in the Online Directory.  Voting and Associate members are not listed if their account has lapsed (over 2 weeks past November 1 renewal deadline.) Or, the Primary Contact has clicked the “Do not show in Directory” button when updating the account profile.