Fluoride Use in Community Water Systems (In Person)

June 13, 2024 / 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
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Class Instructor: Terry Bradley, MRWA
Credit Hours: 4
Type: Approved for All Treatment & Distribution System Operators  / Process
Cost: FREE!

The Shop at Perryville
29 Water Plant Drive
Perryville, MD 21903

This session will be covering the use of Fluoride chemicals in Community Water Systems. The student will learn of the beneficial use of fluoride chemicals and some of the controversies surrounding its use. The student will explore different types of fluoride chemicals and equipment used during the fluoridation process. We will also discuss regulations regarding safe dosage and MCL levels of fluoride in drinking water.

  • Overview of fluoride chemicals.
  • Benefits and controversies concerning the use of fluoride.
  • Understanding the fluoridation process, chemicals and feed equipment.
  • Laboratory testing requirements and MCL regulations.
  • Mechanical and chemical safety concerns when dealing with fluoride chemicals.