New Process for First-Time Water Sampler Certification

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) requires that all first-time certification applicants, in addition to taking and passing the test for the online class, perform an in-person skills test in front of a certified Water Sampler.  This hands-on practicum demonstration is used to verify the applicant’s ability to perform the appropriate sampling and preservation procedures for bacteriological, VOC, SOC and IOC samples.

The new process outlined below has been designed with MDE to be used in conjunction with our online Water Sampler classes.

 Process for New Certification Students:
  1. The student must attend an online Water Sampler Certification class and pass the test.
  2. MRWA will send a certificate of class completion, and instructions for completing the skills demonstration.
  3. The student must locate a currently-certified Water Sampler (“Trainer”) willing to oversee the skills demonstration, and send this person’s name and email address to MRWA.  If unable to obtain the assistance of a certified Water Sampler, they are to contact their local laboratory for assistance.
  4. MRWA will email a Practicum Verification Form to the Trainer — not the student.  The form will detail the exact techniques the student needs to demonstrate, and materials needed.
  5. The student must perform a live skills demonstration for the Trainer. If the demonstration is acceptable, the Trainer signs off on the Practicum Verification Form, verifying the student’s proficiency. If the demonstration is not acceptable, the Trainer must work with the student until they have mastered the necessary skills.
  6. The trainer returns the signed Practicum Verification Form to MRWA, keeping copies for themselves and the student.
  7. MRWA will send the student’s class information and Practicum Verification form to MDE.
  8. MDE will issue a Water Sampler Certification card to the student within 4-6 weeks.
  9. Please note that the student may NOT submit samples to the lab until they have received their card from MDE.

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